Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Wears Prada

Posting for all of those fashionistas out there, and moms of little princesses - check out this new website launched by a friend - go to to register and try and win a Juicy Couture Diaper Bag ... Good Luck and send some good luck vibes my way - I hope I win this awesome bag! I can actually have a nice bag and maybe some insentive for another one soon!!!
Here's lowdown on the bag from the website's owner --- "I am thrilled to offer TWO lucky readers this fabulous Juicy Couture Velour Baby Tote in crystal/chocolate!! This is the ultimate must have bag for a Juicy mom or mom-to-be! This super cute bag features signature crystal quilted velour with chocolate leather trim and chocolate "Couture Baby" and "Enfant de Juicy" embroidery on front. Enamel "Juicy" hardware and "Couture Baby" ribbon tie closure completes the finishing touches on this awesome bag. Tons of roomy outer storage pockets and interior pockets. This is a seriously HOT bag!!In addition to the diaper bag, receive a pink crown changing pad, "Couture Baby" burp cloth and "Couture Baby" bib!!! The changing pad has a built in zippered pouch for wet or soiled clothes. That's right...I said TWO winners!! Amanda P from Telluride, Colorado, was randomly drawn from the VIP list to win the first bag. If you didn't win, you have a second chance but you have to hurry!! This giveaway will be open for only 3 more days!! To be eligible to win this $300 bit of fabulosity, simply register here, then come back to this post and leave a comment telling us why you need a new diaper bag. Winner will be chosen randomly and contacted by email."

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

I have been updating my Cake Blog regularly with new pictures of cakes, I realized today that I have put our family blog on the back burner...this has made me feel worse because during this long intermission of blogging, Chase turned 3, 4th if July came and went and we went to our first Wiggles Show at the Toyota Center.

Chase had his 3rd Birthday party at a place called Kid's Town where the theme was a Pirate Treasure Hunt - armed with pirates patches, bandannas and gold coins for the taking, he celebrated his birthday with "Aaarrrgghhhh" - which has lasted long after the party itself. Often while we are in the grocery store and I am driving him around in a race car shooping cart, I hear "Ay Ay Cap-Tin Mommy" ... in the truck driving, I hear "Ay Ay Cap-Tin Mommy" - he is one cool pirate!! We now have to buy T-shirts with pockets in them specifically so he can put "his money" in the pockets, pockets which have been known to also hold rocks, toys and binkies too. I cannot believe Chase is three already - where did the time go?

Fourth of July was spent at Honey and Pop's where the family went fishing all weekend. Armed with his Spiderman Fishing rod and Dora the Explorer cork/bobber, he was ready to fish! He caught his first fish and was hooked (yes, I went there) ... after the first couple of fishes, he obviously felt like he was a pro and spent the rest of the weekend in Pop's Mule, buckling and unbuckling the seat belt - we spent most of the weekend on the mule and four wheelers where Chase was able to ride through the "rainforest" at Pop's (that would be the branch in between the front and back properties) ... We have had that property in our family since the late 1800's and that stretch of trees has always been called "the branch", now it will forever be called "the rainforest" for generations to come!! The night of the 4th of course had a fireworks show - with our family's tradition of the screaming chickens (fireworks, not the real thing), exploding tanks, and huge, spectacular fireworks finale that Chase did not want to end! This was really his first year that he was able to understand what was going on with the fireworks and really, really had fun watching daddy and Pop light the fireworks. (Side note of the night was that my nephew Kyle burned his hand lighting a firecracker that went off early in his hand - he was okay but it scared all of us with the exception of Chase who asked Kyle if he was okay and then wanted more fireworks...)

Chase's newest (and coolest if you ask me) phrase of the moment is "That's What I'm Talkin' About" - he asks for juice and you give it to him, he gets so excited and says, "Yeah Mom, That's What I Was Talkin' About" - it is hilarious!!

Today's experience at The Wiggles was one for the books - mainly Dante's Inferno - not so bad for me and Chase - who LOVED it and had a blast - but was not so much fun for Curtis...the fact that Curtis went was really surprising to me, but he never raised any objections and was kind of offended that I asked if he was going with us ... Today was race day - nothing usually comes between Curtis and Nascar, but we left for the afternoon with The Wiggles as our goal. We get there - not a beer in sight for Curtis and I could see the sweat beads starting! We get to the suite and there is cookies, popcorn, snacks, etc. and a huge flat screen HDTV with the race on...cue smile on Curtis's face - Curtis goes to turn up the volume and to his amazement someone had stolen the batteries ... okay, not a problem, at least it was on .............then the lights went off for the concert and the TV was turned off as well .... so Curtis was at The Wiggles, with no beer, no Nascar, and thousands of screaming and dancing kids (Chase being one of them) ... Curtis did perk up when he realized just how much fun Chase was having! At one point he was laughing so hard because The Wiggles had invited everyone to stand up and "Do the Twist" - so I complied and was dancing and singing with Chase, or so I thought - I am dancing around doing the twist and look down to where Chase was supposed to be and look over my shoulder to find Curtis holding Chase - who is laughing with daddy at how silly mommy is... Both of them got a kickout of mommy dancing with Chase who was not there!! Plus, we got the tickets and parking pass from my cousin Carrie (who is the Suite manager and Sous Chef for the Toyota Center) so we got to experience in style. Curtis probably would have had a coronary if we were in the arena and having to pay $7 for a small Sprite and $9 for a cookie .... He discovered the joys of fatherhood today and is preparing himself for many more of these days to come. I can't wait!!

Where Did the Time Go? Apparently it is flying by with the coolest 3 year old on the planet!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Know Better N Dat

I have not posted in awhile as we have just been so busy with traveling to Grandma and Popo's house, making tons of cakes, and basically trying to keep sane in the chaotic time before summer.

Chase amazes me everyday with little things that might bore the average person, but absolutely intrigue me ans Curtis. I don't know how we have always had some kind of misconception that because our kids are small, their minds or thought processes must follow suit. For example, I sit in absolute wonder when he tells me that he needs his woobie...why, i ask, because it will make me comfortable he says (comfortable? where'd he learn that word?), and because you love me mama, and you want to make me happy (where'd he learn the Jewish mother guilt wording?)...or when he tells me he is sad because i snapped at him...or remembering EVERYTIME we go to the Hobby Lobby in town (which is quite often) that there was a fire truck in the parking lot - over 4 MONTHS AGO - (where is it mama, why is it not here?) and my new favorite phrase, (although, admittedly, not too proud of the phrase)..."You know better n dat" as he points to Sadie Girl - obviously Chase has been told that phrase a time or two ... His thing is now is repeating everything we say or ask in for of a question...please don't pick that up Chase...don't pick THIS up? as he picks it up, etc.

He is certainly taking after me in that he talks all day long, non-stop, where I have to go into my bathroom and shut the door to get my mind quiet- to no avail, with Chaser opening up the door-"Whatcha doing mama? you goin' poooooo poooooo? you makin' stinkies? can i pull the toilet paper for you...look how long it goes into the bathroom mommy...put it back? sure mama i can do that, watch....hurry up mama...i gotta go now on my big boy me - i can take off my diaper be i have poo poo's - nope, not yet, that means I can take it off right mama? ... mama can you get me some juice to drink while I am on my big boy potty? no, okay, I'll help you pour when I am done going done going potty mama? I am thirsty...can I have a snack? Wonder Pets like celery, can I try celery...I don't think I like in still in the potty??? Look mama, I have on your glasses and I am reading your book- don't get on the bed without a diaper? Okay mama, i will just jump on it instead... come meer Sadie Gurl, come jump with me on daddy's big boy bed" AND SO ON....

slow down and breathe baby (don't know if I am saying that to myself or to him?!!)

Jeez Louise - Must go - as I am typing I hear him yelling "You know better n dat!" to poor Sadie Girl in the kitchen. AND he just brought me in applesauce and croutons, his request for snacks has been granted, by himself too by opening up the frig and helping himself - he just went and sat down in his high chair and is waiting to be served ... applesauce and croutons it is

Look soon for the Mother of the Year post - hey - croutons are bread after all....

Also, on a side note, please say a prayer for my friend Amy who was just admitted into the hospital this afternoon to have her baby bundle of joy - I can't wait to see Baby Frankie and bring you the BEST red velvet cupcakes you have ever eaten in your life. Hugs to the family Amy!!!!! I really am sooo excited and HAPPY to have another little one in the (our) family.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Toys Make Me Happy

Our weekly trip to Wally World of course resulted in another toy to add to Chase's BIZZILION Thomas toys ... am I such a sucker as always? No, this particular addition to his ridiculous amount of toys was because our son is the cutest child on the planet - and because his daddy is a sucker.

As we were walking to the check out line, Chase looks at Curtis and smiles, and says, "Daddy, can I have a toy?" Curtis says, "We just got you a toy on Friday" Chase looks at Curtis and says, "I know daddy, but toys make me sooo happy" ... hence the reason for the additional toy and the smile from daddy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Periwinkle the CAT Mama

It's been awhile since I have last blogged, been busy with my cakes (yeah!) and Chase has been on a roll and has just been way too much fun ...

cute, quick story ...

Chase is sometimes held hostage and is forced to watch Blue's Clues while in his high chair eating lunch ... Obviuosly now it still astounds me how much their little brains suck in .... during this time, I am free to use both of my hands since I am not pushing trains along a train track, picking up raisins with a fork lift , all while tossing a squeaky elephant to entertain the dog - need less to say, I don't sit and watch Blue's Clues while Chase is helping solve clues

After lunch I go to change Chase's diaper and we proceed to put on his Blue's Clues diaper. Now mind you, we already had to separate all the diapers into each of the characters, face them up so each time Chase can now help choose his own diaper (Mr. Independent). So picks picks out a diaper and I say "are we putting on one of Blue's diapers?" He says "No, it's Periwinkle"

Not having watched the show, I automatically assume that my child will be the next Christopher Lowell (Lord help Curtis!), or Martha Stewart because my son knows that periwinkle is a shade of blue - wow! Call Mensa folks, my child is a genius!!

I call Curtis, he just laughs, he has grown accustomed to the one in the afternoon calls about what Chase ate, how he said something funny or how high he jumped, etc. - with a sad sigh because I know that my husband just does not understand the depth of our child's knowledge, I hang up the phone...

Chase comes back into the living room and I ask him again about Periwinkle the color and Chase looks at me, tilts his head back and with a belly laugh, points to the diaper and says "MAMA, the CAT'S NAME is Periwinkle" if he knew the word ddrrrrr, he would have said it! Schooled AGAIN by a 2 1/2 year old

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Did NOT Eat the Green Cake

For those of you that know all of the cake business-business, I had 3 cakes to make for over the weekend - 2 for a great family friend Scott and 1 for a friend's sister (thanks Frankie & Amy, by the way) soo... my thoughts for one of Scott's cakes was a huge Harley tire cake with biker flames (it was 7" high by 14" around - it was a big ol cake) - anywhoo, since he is an extreme "Go America" guy, I thought that it would be a fun surprise to make the inside of the cake red, white and blue layers.

I made the red velvet layer, no problem ... then the vanilla layer, no problem ... then I thought I would cut a corner and use yellow cake mix for the blue - obviously not remembering my color lessons from elementary school (yellow and blue make what boys and girls? green) well, after ALL of my blue dye, I thought the blue color was close, it was a pretty dark shade of turquoise and put it in to bake - 85 minutes later, I took it out of the oven and it was dark turquoise ... is it green or not I ask Curtis - it is close enough he says

Close enough does not count for a man that sends out the "immigration is BAD MOJO" emails - for him to have cut into a cake that was red, white and green (colors of the Mexican flag for those of you keeping up), Scott would have probably had a heart attack at his 50th Birthday Surprise Party ... Not a good scene! Not good for business ... so I leave it on the counter until in the morning when I have a fresh perspective on things - I am thinking that it will do ...

The next morning, I am in the bathroom and I hear my doodle bug moving around in his bed, yippee, he is up and ready to face the world today - I continue doing my business in the bathroom and in walks Chase with cake ALL OVER HIS FACE - and he proceeds to look at me and says "I did NOT eat the green cake mama" - now, one's first thought would have been - holy cow - he just ruined my cake - 9 eggs, 18 billion pounds of flour and sugar, down the drain, 3 more hours in the kitchen - but nooooo - the first thing that popped in my head was "EUREKA! If a 2 year old thinks the cake was green, then by jimminy, it must be green - time to make another cake" - we hit the Wal-Mart for new ingredients and another BLUE cake was made...

Chase had green cake for breakfast and for a snack later that day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yes, I Can Do the Unimaginable

A little background history - I broke my pinkie toe during a super bowl party a couple of years ago - after a shot of litocaine from some paramedics who just happened to be at the party (nothing like semi-drunken paramedics with needles!) and my PINKIE toe being set by two drunken EMT's (my uncle and my husband respectively - it was the super bowl!!) I went to bed in agony - and woke up around 4:30 in the morning because my toe was throbbing so bad, I could take my pulse in the dern thing~~proceeded to the ER where the doctor LAUGHED because he was amazed that I was able to SNAP IN HALF one of the tiniest bones in the human body~~nothing could be done but tape my toes together, put a lovely "boot" on my foot and send me on my way... skip to this afternoon...

I have done the unimaginable, like getting struck by lightning~ I think I broke the toe next to my pinkie one can do that I am still asking myself, but trust me, if anyone could, it would be me ----so, I blog in AGONY with a tiny toe that is purple and now growing to the size of my big toe ... just thought I'd share -

Don't anyone come near me in a thunderstorm ...

Daddy & Chaser

Daddy & Chaser
Becoming a Man - The Early Years

Chase on Mommy's Popo's Tractor

Chase on Mommy's Popo's Tractor
Chase's Great- Popo's Tractor displayed at the 2008 HLSR